10 Benefits of Using Hand Gestures While on the Phone


Hand gestures are often an overlooked and underestimated part of your body language that can have potentially massive impacts on your sales pitch. Hand gestures are a way to non-verbally emphasize your point. All the great speakers in the world have used hand gestures with great success. It seems that it goes hand-in-hand (pun totally intended) with charisma.

Even though none of your customers or clients will ever see your hands, using hand gestures will, without a doubt, get them more interested in what you have to say. Not because they can sense your hands moving, but because you will be more excited and you will be way more charismatic.

Here is a test to see if you could benefit from this – next time you are on the phone, film yourself without using hand gestures. Next, film yourself while using hand gestures. Pay attention to your tone of voice, your emphasis, your enthusiasm, and your overall success level of the call. I bet that you will notice a sharp difference in the way that you pitch while using hand gestures.

I performed this experiment before writing this blog post. While I cannot post my results here due to confidentiality with my company, I can tell you that I saw dramatic differences. My pre-gesture pitch was extremely boring and monotone. I tried to emphasize points, but it sounded way too forced. My pitch itself was not as fluid as it could have been. Overall, I failed spectacularly.


When I used my hands without restriction, I nailed a perfect call. My pitch went way more smooth and I was having more fun. I was confident and felt like I owned the conversation. It felt more fluid and felt more like a convincing conversation than a broken up hesitant sales-pitch.

Here are the 10 benefits to using hand gestures while on the phone:

  1. You will unknowingly change your vocal pitch to match your hand intensity. You definitely won’t be monotone and boring
  2. You’ll get more enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is key in any conversation.
  3. You’ll emphasize crucial points more effectively. Just as an example, look at the great speakers of history and watch the hand gestures as they emphasize points. The crowd responds perfectly every time.
  4. You’ll put the “power” in power statements. This goes with the enthusiasm. When you are “feeling it”, your power statements will be more powerful.
  5. Your pitch will go more smooth and will feel more like a conversation.
  6. You’re confidence level will go up. Meekness is a death wish in this business.
  7. You will have more fun. The customer will, therefore, have more fun too.
  8. You will be more convincing. This is, after all, the point of sales.
  9. The customer will feel more engaged.
  10. You will feel less tired and more energized.


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Author: Jason Karaman

Hello! I’m a marketing, sales, and customer service expert, trainer, author, and doer. I live in the South Carolina Lowcountry with my wife, Ashley. I enjoy reading (history, philosophy, and science are my favorite topics), writing, hiking, kayaking, and all things beach. For media inquiries, send an email to JasonKaraman@ExpertCaller.com

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