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How to Be Successful in Sales at a Young Age


Congratulations! You’ve received an offer for a professional sales job right out of school! The income possibilities excite you and the thrill of being a hot shot salesperson get you pumped up. When you start, you notice that everyone there is

10 Morning Habits of Top Performers


Contrary to what you might think, your work day does not start when you sit down at your desk at 9:00 am. Your day actually starts as soon as the morning alarm goes off. When you are at work, you would not waste your precious time on things that won’t

Jordan Belfort's Top 10 Rules For Success


Jordan Belfort, also known as the Wolf of Wall Street, made his millions selling over the phone. You can say what you want about his old business ethics and methodology, but you cannot deny his ability to sell like a master. Take a page from his book

Lessons in Persuasion from the Movie "Lincoln"


My wife and I have spent the last few years out of the loop when it comes to popular movies. We’ve recently decided that we would go back and watch some of the best movies that have come out in the past 5 or 6 years. One of those movies that has

22 Powerful Quotes from John D. Rockefeller


John D. Rockefeller is a man of almost mythical proportions. His story has been an inspiration for all those who search for success, both professionally and personally. Growing up in extreme poverty with a con man of a father who would often steal the