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Latest Articles

5 Ways to Display Confidence in Sales


Being confident is one of the foundations of having success in sales, marketing, and business. You can even go as far as saying that being confident is the key to obtaining success in any industry. People who are more confident in their abilities tend

Texting and Sales: How to Text Message in Business


If you have been paying attention to anything within the past decade, you have probably noticed that people are becoming more and more hooked on their cell phones with every passing day. It seems that no matter where you go, you’ll see someone

25 Engaging and Strategic Discovery Questions


Discovery questions are some of the most important questions that you will ask during your sales call. This is where you will discover a true customer problem or need that your product/service can fulfill. When you uncover that need or problem, it will

Sales: The Difference Between Objections and Excuses


Part of being in sales is dealing with prospect/customer objections. It does not matter if you are the top performer in your company – at some point, you’re going to have someone say “no” to your pitch. In normal circumstances,

6 Tips for Engaging Storytelling


There was a struggling salesperson who could not seem to close any deals. No matter how much logic and how many numbers he would throw at the prospect, they would never bite. He would spend hours upon hours sitting in his cubicle studying the economics