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Latest Articles

Why you Should Never Ask if It's a Good Time to Talk


One of the biggest misconceptions that sales representatives have is that they have to ask the prospect permission to speak with them. Phone representatives will ask “Is now a good time to call you?” while face-to-face representatives might simply

3 Traits of Mentally Strong Salespeople


It’s no secret that working in sales, marketing, or business requires you to be mentally tough. Time after time, you are told “no” when pitching your product/service. The competition is always sneaking up on your trusted customers.

How to Stay Positive in the Face of Disaster


This article is going to be somewhat different than the previous. As I write this, a catastrophic hurricane is meandering around the Carribean, wreaking havoc on anything that gets in the way. At the present moment, Hurricane Irma is looking to slam

Set SMARTER Goals to Increase Sales


Working in sales & marketing, much of our professional career revolves around certain quotas, goals, and milestones that we have to achieve. In many instances, the quotas and milestones are already set by the company that we work for. Goals, on the

What to Do When a Customer is Upset


Side Note: This is my 100th article on ExpertCaller.com! I just wanted to take a brief moment to thank all my readers and subscribers for your support and encouragement. It’s my goal to provide meaningful content for years to come. I have some