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When Dealing with Customers, Remember the HAPPY Acronym


As we all know, companies who provide a high level of customer experience are the ones who are the most successful. If you work in customer service (or any role that deals directly with the customers, such as salespeople), you have a large responsibility

Live in the Now: The Psychology of Nick Saban's "Process"


Nick Saban is arguably one of the most successful college football coach of all time. With an NCAA coaching record of 218–62–1, Saban not only knows how to win but knows how to win consistently, regardless of what team he is coaching. He led the

Lessons in Success from "Lovable Loser" Charles M. Schulz


Charles M. Schulz was a legendary cartoonist who created the highly successful and culturally impactful comic strip Peanuts. During his professional life, he was critically acclaimed and respected by millions of people around the world. He is widely

5 Ways to Elevate Your Level of Customer Service


Improving relationships with your customers is a cornerstone of long-term sustained business success. In the modern business landscape, the customer experience is one of the most important aspects of customer loyalty and retention. If customers have