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Dumb Things Good Salespeople do to Limit Success


Even the best salespeople sometimes make dumb mistakes that hinders their success. Top performing salespeople know that they must be careful and identify those kind of potential stumbling blocks before they happen. The worst thing that could happen is

Service Sells: 5 Reasons why Customer Service is Important


Earlier this year, I was the guest speaker at the “Great Customer Engagement Goes Beyond Great Service” seminar. The main focus of the seminar was to look at the sales & marketing and the customer service departments as synonyms with each other.

3 Tips on How to Create Urgency


Have you ever bought something “on a whim” because the price was discounted for a limited time? How about because there was a limited quantity and they were selling fast? If so, whether you want to admit it or not, you bought because you felt the

5 Sales Lessons from Saul Goodman


AMC’s Better Call Saul is currently one of my favorite shows. It’s the Breaking Bad spinoff that everyone expected to be a goofy comedy that lasted 1 season. Nobody expected it to be a relevant drama that, in many cases, challenged Breaking

B2B and B2C Sales - What is the Difference?


Working in business, you’ll hear a lot of terms thrown around that don’t make a whole lot of sense on the surface. B2B and B2C are just a couple of those terms that describe certain sales and marketing roles. While they might sound like high-level