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10 Quotes from the Strongest Figures in American Business


Not to be xenophobic or anything like that, but it’s not terribly incorrect to say that America has produced some of the best business leaders that this world has seen. Thanks to the dedication, hard work, and risk of a few, we are all now able

8 Rules for Becoming a Good Listener


When people think of a salesperson, they have certain preconceived notions that are hard to get away from. One of those notions is that salespeople are fast talkers who don’t listen to potential customers. A lot of people like to think that salespeople

The 8 Best Zig Ziglar Quotes for Salespeople


Zig Ziglar was many things in life. He was am extremely persuasive salesperson, an author, a motivational speaker, a father, and a self-help guru. His books and lessons, although authored and published decades ago, have principles that are still highly

How to Use "Pokemon Go" to Increase Sales


Pokemon Go is the newest app to take over the world. If you doubt it’s popularity, consider this. It has only been out for one week and it is already bigger than Tinder, Lyft, Candy Crush, and even LinkedIn. To the cynical pessimist, it’s

The 3 E's: Energy, Excitement, and Enthusiasm


If you talk to any salesperson on the planet, they will all agree that you need to have a certain level of cheerfulness and energy in order to be a successful sales rep. Nobody wants to be pitched to by Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh or Sadness from Inside

Simon Sinek - The Golden Circle TED Talk


Probably one of Mr. Sinek’s most famous speeches and arguably one of the most famous TED Talks ever presented, the Golden Circle has become a staple in every organization’s training class since it was released. It’s also known as the

6 Ways Top Performers Stay Positive


Sales is difficult. It’s difficult for a number of reasons, but one of the biggest hurdles that any salesperson faces is the fact that they have to stay positive all the time. Sure, it’s easy to remain positive when you are having a great

8 Quotes to Help you out of a Sales Slump


So you have had a bad month or two. It may feel as if your entire career is failing apart. You might even question whether or not sales is for you. If you are ever feeling dark and isolated after a less-than-exceptional performance, know that you are