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Latest Articles

Hunters vs. Farmers - Which Sales Persona is Better?


Hunters vs. Farmers – it’s an ongoing debate in the world of business that is almost as old as the art of sales itself. When sales executives and business leaders are trying to maximize their revenue streams and increase their bottom lines,

The 3 Controllable Parts of a Sales Call


During a sales pitch, maintaining control of the process can be the key difference between closing a sale and having the prospect walk away. As a salesperson, you ideally want to be the one in control of where the conversation is going. This can be difficult

How to Use the Whisper Closing Technique


The close is one of the most crucial and important steps in the sales process. I have said it before – this really is where the rubber hits the road and where you either secure the business, or lose the sale. It’s important to have a good

5 Ways to Display Confidence in Sales


Being confident is one of the foundations of having success in sales, marketing, and business. You can even go as far as saying that being confident is the key to obtaining success in any industry. People who are more confident in their abilities tend

Texting and Sales: How to Text Message in Business


If you have been paying attention to anything within the past decade, you have probably noticed that people are becoming more and more hooked on their cell phones with every passing day. It seems that no matter where you go, you’ll see someone