4 Reasons Why Customer Experience and Sales are Now Synonyms


Customer Experience (CX) can be quickly defined as the quality of the overall interaction that customers get when they use a product/service.

Sales can be loosely defined as turning interested prospects into paying customers.

On the surface, it looks like selling precedes the customer experience. It appears that once sales turn a prospect into a customer, the customer experience takes over. This may have been the case in decades past, but with the integration of the internet into our everyday lives, the customer experience has become one of the main decision points for prospects.

People buy based on reviews 

The power of a peer review is incredible in the modern market. People are constantly looking at user reviews before they make a purchase. This can be fantastic news if you provide a satisfactory level of customer experience. Current customers who have had positive experiences with your product/service have the ability to share their experience with thousands (even millions) of potential customers.  Oftentimes, these positive reviews end up being major selling points for the prospect. On the flip side, negative CX also follows the same rules – negative experiences are seen by prospects and can be a turn-off for them.

Current customers are a great referral source

Every salesperson and every company in the world essentially have the same goal – to obtain a level of sustainable success over a long period of time. Part of that is constantly generating revenue with new customers. Another arguably more important part is earning loyal customers that keep on buying from you. This is great to sustain success, but it’s also important to earning new business too. Referrals from satisfied customers can easily be one of your most successful marketing channels. When current customers actually help you sell your own product/service, your job becomes much easier.

Negative/Positive PR can easily and unexpectedly go viral

As we already mentioned, people buy based on user reviews. This goes hand-in-hand with that principle. If a customer has a very positive experience and the news goes viral, millions of people will have a very positive view of your company/product/service, which is extremely important to the purchasing process. However, negative experiences can also go viral. I’m sure we can all recall a few instances this year where a bad customer experience became national news. This is extremely damaging to the sales process and the company reputation. It’s imperative to provide the highest level of CX at all times. You never know when something can go viral.

Improving the CX is the root of modern customer loyalty

The most successful companies have worked extensively on improving the customer experience to maintain customer loyalty. In the modern business environment, it’s well known that customers are always striving for a better experience. For example, Quicken Loans has improved the customer experience when it comes to securing a mortgage. Because they simplified the experience, they are now one of the largest mortgage suppliers in the country. They also boast a high level of customer loyalty – they offer personal loans, business loans, car loans, refinancing on previous mortgage loans, debt consolidation, and many other services. These services are popular with current customers because they keep improving the customer experience by making it easier and more simple to obtain loans.

Final Thoughts

The customer experience (CX) is becoming increasingly more important to the overall purchasing process. You can even go as far as to say that customer experience and sales have become synonymous with each other. A satisfactory level of customer experience will result in more sales and more new customers. Negative CX damages the sales process and can even result in lost customers. By offering the very best CX, you ensure that you will have a sustainable and successful business/sales funnel.



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Author: Jason Karaman

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