4 Tips to Erase Your “Can’t-Do” Mindset


Whether you work in sales, marketing, customer service, or any other element of business, your mindset can be one of your most valuable assets.  With the right mindset, you will be confident, energetic, passionate, and will undoubtedly be more successful.

However, your mindset can also be one of your most destructive liabilities. Feelings of inadequacy, apathy, and general laziness can easily halt your momentum, cause a slump in performance, and destroy your success.

Controlling your mindset is tougher than it sounds. It requires a high level of self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Realizing that your mindset is “off” is the first step in fixing the problem. If you are feeling like you can’t perform your job today because of some internal or external factors, it’s time to take a step back and fix your mindset before it’s too late.

Think about the problem that you solve, not the prospects or the quotas

It’s common for salespeople to focus on closing the next client or prospect. After all, that is the main objective of a sales call. In general, businesses are graded on profitability and revenue streams – meaning that the more sales they have, the better they are. It’s easy to place emphasis on the prospect and the customers, but this can lead to disillusionment because there’s no real meaning behind simply closing a sale. Rather than focusing on the prospect, focus on the problem that you solve.

For example, one of Apple’s core products is the iPhone. Had you asked Steve Jobs, he would have told you that the iPhone was created to connect the world and improve the lives of everyone living in it. He probably would not have told you that they created the iPhone to satisfy profitability requirements based on market conditions and customer demand. Focusing on the problem you solve will not only help get your mind right, but it will suit you better during customer interactions.

Ask yourself what your role is in the lives of the customers

Your official job title might be “sales executive” or “marketing coordinator” or a dozen other variations of that. If you focus on your title, you will start to think that your role is to strictly sell or market to people. Again, this is an easy path to disillusionment and job burnout. Rather than thinking of yourself as a salesperson or a marketing agent, think of yourself as a helpful consultant who is there to solve the problems (see above) of the customer. Once you start to see yourself and your role in the eyes of your customers, your mindset will shift from “I’m a salesperson” to “I’m here to help.”

Focus on your goals

Keep your personal and professional goals in mind at all times. It’s easy to lose sight of your goal when having to deal with the monotony of daily tasks and responsibilities. Write your goals down and keep them in a place that you will always notice them. I place mine on my car’s sun visor.

It’s not enough just to have a goal in mind – you need to have a roadmap to achieve those goals. Make sure you create a plan of action to hit those goals. Whether it’s breaking the goal down to small micro-goals or focusing on achieving your behavioral commitments, having a plan will help you get your mind right.

Create a “do-not” list

We have all heard of a to-do list. Many of us have one that we make at the beginning of each and every day. A to-do list can be beneficial to stay organized, but it can also be destructive. Let’s say that something comes up that was unexpected and you are unable to complete your to-do list. Despite having a potentially successful day, you might leave work feeling deflated and stressed out due to not completing everything on the list. The list can easily compound during the week and wreak havoc on your mindset.

Rather than having a to-do list, try creating a do-not list. A do-not list is basically a list of things that you won’t do in a particular day. By nature, if you don’t do anything on the list, you have successfully completed the list, which will leave you with a feeling of accomplishment. For example, Facebook is a great way for me to waste time during the day, so one item on my list is to avoid Facebook during the workday. By avoiding Facebook, I have more time to devote to activities that will help me reach my goal.

Mindset can be your greatest weapon, but also your worst enemy. Next time you are feeling like you “just can’t,” try these methods out and get yourself back on track.



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Author: Jason Karaman

Hello! I’m a marketing, sales, and customer service author, blogger and doer. I live in the South Carolina Lowcountry with my wife. I enjoy reading, writing, hiking, kayaking, and all things beach. For media inquiries, send an email to JasonKaraman@ExpertCaller.com

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