5 Reasons to Leave a Voicemail


One thing I will never understand is when telephone reps call someone, get the answering machine, and instantly hangs up. Back when I was a kid, that was always our way of instantly knowing that this was a sales call and we were not going to pick up ever again for that number. You would think that it has caught on, but time after time, I see fellow reps hanging up for the answering machine. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of actually leaving a voicemail and why it helps in the long run.

This is so crucial, especially in the age of smart phones. I am always receiving calls from unknown numbers. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t pick those up, and unless a voicemail is left by a human person, I won’t call back and am certainly not answering for that number again.  So, without further ado, here are the 5 reasons why you should leave a voicemail.

  • People are more paranoid now than ever before

We live in a pretty frightening time. It seems that no matter where we turn to, we always see stories of scammers and identity thieves. With the introduction of smartphones, it seems that every single person is required to enter a number in somewhere when registering anywhere online. Who knows where this information will end up? If I get a call from “Unknown Number” who does not leave a voicemail, I am going to assume that it’s worse than a telemarketer – it’s someone who has genuine malicious intent. You don’t want this to happen to you – be a friendly voice on the voicemail assuring that you are a real person who is not going to steal their identity.


  • Leaving a voicemail gives you a better shot at a callback

I went through a brief phase where I didn’t leave messages because I was afraid that people would hear my voicemail, decide they didn’t want to speak with me, and ignore the rest of my calls.  Turns out that they ignored my calls anyway primarily due to the above reason. When I started leaving  encouraging and friendly voicemails, I started receiving a few callbacks, which is a hell of a lot better than zero.

  • Even if they don’t call back, they have a better chance of picking up next time

Imagine this scenario. You are out to dinner with your significant other and receive a call from a random number. Of course, you are not going to answer it. The voicemail states that they are calling from a local charity and would like to speak to you about their cause and would like a call back. You think that’s a good idea, but you’re human, so you forget about it (we’ll just blame the wine at dinner). A couple days later, you get another call but recognize the number as that nice charity who left a voicemail, so you pick up this time. This scenario isn’t some rare phenomenon, it happens a lot more than you think. I have had people tell me “I apologize for not calling back, we were watching a movie and I forgot!”. Had I not left a voicemail, that conversation (and sale) would have never happened.

  • If you don’t leave a voicemail, people will Google your number

Have you ever Googled your own work number? If you have not, go ahead and do it now. What you see may surprise you. Even if you are a real genuine caller who works for a good, reputable company, you will probably see pages and pages of websites with comments like “Scam artist thief horrible caller alert!!” If you refuse to leave a voicemail, you are basically telling people to go ahead and do their own research based off of your number without hearing your voice first. Don’t let that happen.

  • This will essentially take the place of your introduction on the phone

For your first post ever, we typed up a lengthy article about the importance of a solid introduction. Basically, since you cannot look someone in the eye and shake their hand, the introduction is almost the most important part of the phone call. With a live conversation, you can gauge their interest and respond accordingly. When leaving a voicemail, this will be your introduction. It needs to be rock solid and perfect. If you just hang up, that’s almost like meeting someone face to face and instantly walking away from them. What are the odds that they will be friendly to you next time you want to talk to them?

Essentially, voicemails are important. I’ll never understand why people refuse to leave them. Hopefully this article has convinced you that it’s a good idea to leave a solid voicemail for your clients.


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Author: Jason Karaman

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