5 Tips to Have a Successful Mid Year Sales Checkup

As we move into July, now is the time to do review your progress so far this year in relation to the annual goals that you set. If you need to make any adjustments to your sales strategies or your overall performance, this is really the perfect time to do so. As you look back on your year so far and make any adjustments, take the following actions into account to set yourself up for a great rest of the year.
Focus on any existing important clients or accounts
Your current customers are your lifeblood. In sales, our main job is to consistently grow revenue year after year. Without a solid existing customer base, that job becomes almost impossible. Make sure you are spending some extra time with your loyal customers and give them a little extra TLC over the next few months. Don’t let a good customer go by the wayside – you never know when the competition will come in and take them away from you.
Reevaluate any current customer’s needs
To piggyback on the previous point, giving extra TLC to clients is more than just popping in to say hello. Now is the time to really ask how they are doing and if your product/service is satisfying their needs. This checkup might reveal some opportunities to sell more to your accounts (but only if they need it!)
Examine your own sales pipeline
Do you have a solid sales pipeline that will help you generate new future business? If so, is your pipeline full of solid opportunities? Having a full pipeline is key to ensuring success for the remainder of the year. People often get caught up in the “right now” business because we all crave instant gratification. However, “later” business is equally as important. If you find your pipeline is lacking, start setting up appointments and making connections to help generate that future business. Consider setting up a sales/marketing funnel to help with the process.
Get reorganized
For a salesperson, being organized is one of the easiest ways to improve workflow and efficiency. As we all know, it’s incredibly easy to become disorganized during the year. Simply taking the time (maybe an hour at the most) to clear out the inbox, clean the workspace, or clear out the car can do wonders for your productivity and your mental state. Click here for a list of some organizational hacks for salespeople.
Examine your individual sales process 
A huge part of self-improvement is to take a good, hard look at your own process. What is your closing percentage? How do your sales calls generally go? Do you close in the moment, or do you have a lot of “be-backs?” If you examine your sales process and notice that a lot of solid opportunities are not resulting in closed sales, it might be time to work on the fundamentals and seek out some training or other ways to improve your sales calls. Read some books, listen to some Podcasts, or attend a training seminar.

Taking the time to do an honest self-evaluation midway through the year is a great opportunity to make any adjustments. Don’t give up on the year yet!



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Author: Jason Karaman

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