5 Traits Top Performers Have in Common


Take a look at your top 4 performers in your company. They always seem to kill it every single month. It does not matter what the economy or what the customers throw at them – they always seem to find success. How do they do it? Are they just lucky? Are they somehow immune to the ruts that so many salespeople fall in to?

If you look deeply at the personalities and traits of your most successful salespeople, you will start to notice similarities that cannot be ignored. While they may come from different backgrounds and be different ages, they all possess these five basic traits & similarities that contribute to their overall success.

As a side note, if you examine the business titans of the world – Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, Apple founder Steve Jobs, oil titan John Rockefeller, Starbucks’ long-time CEO Howard Schultz, and Oracle chairman Larry Ellison, they all possess the same exact traits and similarities.

Experienced and Overcame Adversity

Business is tough. Sales is competitive. If you are looking for a career where it’s nothing but rainbows and unicorns, sales is not the place for you. Between constant innovations from competitors, an unstable and unknown economy, increased globalization, and the changing marketplace, it’s harder to sell products now than it ever has been. It’s all very Darwinian. Only the strongest survive and pass their traits to the next generation.

Those people who have overcame adversity in their personal lives are more equipped to handle the stresses and challenges that come with sales and business. They are used to looking at the challenge and strategically figuring out how to overcome that challenge. Whether it’s a customer objection, a new product that your competition introduced, or something more personal.

That being said, if you are reading this and you are thinking “This does not really apply to me, I must be screwed!” – I am going to stop you right there. Whether you know it or not, you have, at one time, experienced a certain level of adversity. Some people have had more challenges than others, but the main lesson here is that if you learn from it and apply it to business, it will aid in your success.

They Have Something to Prove

Go read any blog or Facebook page of a famous salesperson or businessperson. Undoubtedly. you will hear a sentence that is very similar to this one: “Nobody thought I would grow up and amount to anything” or “Nobody believed in me when I was trying to start this business.”

This ties in with experiencing adversity, but having something to prove to the world sets the successful people in an entirely different playing field than those who are just along for the ride. If you honestly want to prove all the haters wrong, you will see that success will follow. This happens because those who have something to prove work harder, smarter, faster, and innovate more than those who are just happy to be there.

They Are Obsessed With Their Work

There is a distinct difference between liking your job, and being obsessed with it. This is an extremely rare trait to have, but those who possess it will almost always find success.

Steve Jobs was obsessed with the quality of his products. Warren Buffett is obsessed with making money. Mark Zuckerberg is obsessed with creating and maintaining a cool and user-friendly social media platform. These aren’t just hobbies – they are literal obsessions.

When you are obsessed with something, you will do whatever it takes to succeed. Take a look at your top performers. Without ever meeting them, I will bet that they are obsessed with one of three things: the product/industry that they work in, improving their livelihood with financial gains, or just winning and beating everyone else.

They Believe That They Are Special

No successful person has ever said “Well, I thought I would just be poor forever.” or “I never dreamed of success like this.” If you read any biography of successful entrepreneurs and business people, all of them will contain a section or a chapter that is devoted to the idea that they believe that they are somehow special and will definitely gain success.

I am not saying that they believe that they are better than everyone else. I am also not saying that they believe that they are “special snowflakes” either. I’m saying that they literally have the attitude of “I will get this done because it’s my destiny. I will succeed where others have failed.”

This is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Believing that you are destined for success will give you the confidence to try new things, innovate more, and therefore, succeed in ways that other people can only dream about.

They Trust Their Instincts

You can think what you want, but all the successful business leaders are smart and savvy. They always trust their instincts when making big decisions. Yes, you can look at scientific data and listen to your advisers all day long, but unless it “feels” right, the decision will probably be halted by the leader. At the end of the day, they go with their gut, and somehow, it works.

Steve Jobs is a great example. Steve was obsessed with making a beautiful product. His team wanted to make a product that was technologically superior than the competition. While Steve agreed, he focused almost his entire existence to the way that his products looked – from the outside to the inside. His gut told him that consumers wanted a beautiful looking computer – not something that was cold and scary. You know the result.

Salespeople trust their instincts too. Whether it’s a decision to use one closing technique over another, or whether it’s a decision to present this produce over that product. Successful salespeople trust their gut because they are smart enough to see where the conversation is going and take advantage of it.



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Author: Jason Karaman

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