5 Ways to Display Confidence in Sales


Being confident is one of the foundations of having success in sales, marketing, and business. You can even go as far as saying that being confident is the key to obtaining success in any industry. People who are more confident in their abilities tend to achieve better results. Not because they are more skilled or more intelligent, but because they display a high level of trust in themselves and the company they represent.

Often times, the level of confidence that you display has a positive correlation with how well the sales call goes. This means that the more confident you are, the higher the chance that your sales call will end with a closed sale.

When a sales representative is confident in the product and in the brand/company that they represent, it allows for trust to build between the prospect and the sales rep, which is crucial for any closed sale. If a prospect trusts you and your product, you don’t have to do much selling…because they will want to buy.

Internally, you probably trust and believe in your product. If you don’t, there is a bigger issue at hand. But, for the sake of argument, let’s say that you really enjoy the company that you work for and really believe that your product is well-suited for your prospects. How can you communicate and display confidence to your prospects so that they will trust you and your company?

Know Your Product/Company

One of the best ways to show confidence in your product or company is to simply know everything there is about them. By diving in and researching the full scope of what you sell, you will gain a better appreciation for the problems it can solve for prospects. Being able to recall this in front of a prospect shows that you really do care about what you do. Prospects will take you more seriously when you have all the information. Plus, this makes it much easier for you when a prospect asks questions or presents objections to you.

Have Excellent Posture

Nothing shows confidence quite like having great posture. Sitting up straight in your chair and looking your prospect in the eyes shows that you are not trying to hide behind anything or are not saying anything that you don’t believe in. Think about the opposite – if someone is trying to sell you something and they are slouched over/looking around the room avoiding eye contact, you might feel uncomfortable about making a large purchase from that individual. Posture is a great way to communicate confidence in yourself and your company.


Smiling is one of those crucial elements of sales that just always seems to work. They say that smiling is contagious – so it certainly helps with psychological mirroring when building rapport. It also helps show the prospect that you are brimming with confidence because…well…confident people smile! A great example of this is president Obama. Regardless of your political views, I am sure you noticed that during his presidency, he was constantly smiling, especially when rolling out a new initiative to the country. It showed that he was always confident in  his abilities to lead and confident in his policies. Use this to your advantage.

Dress Formal

Looks matter in sales. It can be unfortunate, but it’s one of those facts that just seems to hold true. When I say looks matter, I don’t mean physical appearance – I mean how well one dresses and carries themselves. If you show up to a sales meeting in a well-pressed suit and tie, you will appear way more confident and professional than if you show up in a wrinkled shirt without a coat. Dressing nicely has some other benefits as well – you will feel better about yourself, which will greatly help build your confidence when walking in to a room.

Remove “Umm” and “Like” from your Vocabulary

 So, umm, if you like say these words during your, umm, sales presentation, you won’t sound at all confident in your like company or product at all.

Using those words makes you sound like you are unprepared and really have no idea what’s going on with your company or product. The more times you say “umm” or “like”, the less powerful your sales presentation is. Confident salespeople don’t have these words in their vocabulary. They are pretty hard to remove though – most of us will do it without even noticing. Practice your sales pitch over and over and over again until these words are gone.

When selling a product or service, the more confident you are, the better chance you have of closing a deal. Displaying that confidence to a prospect shows that you trust yourself and your company or product. Sales is all about trust, so make sure you are being confident in all of your sales presentations.



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Author: Jason Karaman

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