6 Things Successful Salespeople Have in Common


When you look at the monthly or daily sales reports at your company, it’s not that difficult to see who is constantly on top. Those people who are top performers always seem to be within the top 3, no matter what leads they get or what season it is. It does not matter what happens to them personally or what happens to the industry – they always seem to be on top.

It’s not just dumb luck every month. Sure, sometimes the blind squirrel finds the nut, but generally speaking, people remain on top because they have something special that makes them a top performer. A lot of people will simply say that they have the it factor.

What is the it factor though? Turns out, it’s not some weird special ability that nobody else has. It’s simply a set of traits and habits that everybody can utilize. If you would like to see yourself on top of the performance reports, check out the following traits and habits that all successful salespeople have in common:

Successful Salespeople Push Through Failure 

Success is difficult to come by. Growing up, we are all taught that we can be whatever we want when we grow up. This is a 100% true statement, but success does not come without a good deal of work and sacrifice. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t find success, simply because they gave up along the way when the going gets tough. Strong salespeople are made through failure. They push through the bad times and learn from them. They are resilient.

Successful Salespeople Set Goals

What good is a goal if you never actually set one? If you go around and ask every top performer what their goal is this month, I bet that they will all have a specific answer for you, with a set of behaviors that they will do to achieve that goal. Also, successful people set goals that are high. They never aim to achieve the minimum quota – they strive for the top bonus level. Setting goals like this has more power than you think. If you mentally commit to a goal, odds are, you’ll achieve that goal if you set yourself to it. Here is a helpful article that I wrote around the new year to help with goal setting for more information.

Successful Salespeople are Optimistic

Optimism is important if you work in sales. By nature, selling something to a customer involves convincing someone that your product is the best ever. If you are not optimistic enough to believe that yourself, you’ll have a hard time convincing others. Also, when you fall in to a slump, your optimism will aid you in digging yourself out of the slump.

Successful Salespeople Help Others

Being a lone wolf might seem productive, but it’s ultimately hurtful in the long run. By being part of a team and helping others succeed, you will have the benefit of others helping you out when you fall in to a slump. On the flip side, if you help others achieve their goals and act as a mentor, it will greatly help your own performance too.

Successful Salespeople are Always Improving

Whether it’s reading books, listening to Podcasts, reading blogs, or attending company training seminars… top performers are constantly looking for ways to get better. It does not matter if someone is #1 –  they always want to “sharpen the saw” and are constantly looking for ways to push their income to the next level.

Successful Salespeople Work Hard

At the end of the day, the most successful salespeople simply work harder than the rest. They get to work early, stay late, and maximize the time they are at work. You’ll hardly ever see them goofing around or doing things that are not productive. Don’t underestimate the value of hard work. Sometimes, it’s the thing that separates a top performer from a mediocre one.

There really is no “it factor”. Sure, natural talent plays a big role, but simply by adopting the above habits and traits, anyone can increase their performance and exceed their goals.



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Author: Jason Karaman

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