7 Emotional Triggers That Drive Sales


People buy for emotional reasons. Sure, they might justify that decision with logic, but in many cases, people will make a purchasing decision because of some emotional trigger. Using this information, salespeople can look at certain emotional triggers, what they mean, and how to increase their selling capabilities as a result.

Instant Gratification

Thanks to the emergence of handheld technology, we now live in a society that expects instant gratification. Our modern world allows people to instantly communicate and receive information faster than ever. As a result, people are less patient now than ever before. When selling your product/service, communicate how your product will instantly satisfy someone’s needs.


Figuring out what your potential customers value can be difficult, but once you figure it out, you can play to that emotion. For example, if after talking to a customer, you discover that the client value time over money, they will be quicker to buy something.


As weird as it’s going to sound, you can actually use someone else’s leadership to trigger an emotional response that influences people to buy. At the end of the day, people look up to leaders as role models. Let’s say you sell online courses. Using this in practice, you could say that “Jeff Bezos believes in lifelong learning.”


Being trustworthy is critical to being successful in sales. It’s a given that if your clients don’t trust you, you’re going to have a hard time convincing them to give you their money. To be trustworthy, look people in the eye, don’t fidget, and be sincere in everything you do.


Though controversial to admit, guilt remains a huge emotional trigger for people. You see this a lot with people who make impulse decisions to buy something based on them feeling guilty about something. One guy purchased a gigantic diamond ring because he forgot him & his wife’s anniversary the previous day.


Much to the pleasure of every TV and movie supervillain ever, it turns out that fear is actually a great motivator. Fear can result in a powerful emotional trigger to protect oneself and one’s family. Security system companies use this all the time when they show commercials of house fires and burglaries. Instilling the possibility of that awful scenario happening is enough to get people to consider a purchase.

Sense of Belonging

Nobody really wants to be alone. Humans, by nature, are social. Deep down, we all have a sense of wanting to belong to something. Whether it’s a culture, a friend group, or a family – we all have a desire to be with others who are similar. Wanting to be part of a group means that companies, such as BMW and Apple, have created a loyal fanbase that centers around their corporate culture and message. BMW is all about power and luxury. Apple is all about thinking differently and following your dreams.



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