7 Habits that Will Hurt your Success on the Phone


Often times, you will hear a barrage of motivational quotes and watch a host of uplifting videos that are meant to get you through the day. Most of these will offer helpful tips to improve your mood or attitude. Very rarely do they discuss the root causes of your current dilemma though…

We all have tough days where we are in a rut, not because of some external force or some bad leads (The leads are not weak!), but because of a phenomenon of self-defeating psychological habits. Gandhi put it best when he said the following regarding habits:

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”

It’s apparent that your habits had better be good ones then. Having poor habits will definitely derail your success on the phone and can potentially ruin your career.  In this article, we will be using the habits as defined by Sherrie Campbell, Ph.D in the Entrepreneur magazine article 7 Self-Defeating Psychological Habits That Stymie Success and applying them to the phone sales industry.

    1. Complaining– If you have a bad call or a series of unsuccessful responses, the natural human thing to do is vent and complain. While this may feel better for you in the short term, it causes you to focus on all the negatives and almost ignore the positives. You won’t learn anything and will not improve your process. Complaining will also spread to your fellow phone reps and will cause them to focus on the negatives as well.
    2. Limiting Beliefs– You can only go as far as you believe that you can. If you go in to a call believing that your product does not work and this person on the other end of the phone won’t buy it because you don;t believe you are good enough to sell it, chances are, you won’t have a successful call. Not because you are not good enough, but because you went in the game already believing you will lose.
    3. Blaming Others– Success on the phone is up to you and you alone. Sometimes, it’s hard to look at the man/woman in the mirror and blame themselves. It’s much easier to blame others (The guy next to me was too loud and I could not concentrate!”) You won’t grow or learn with that habit.pexels-photo-59196-large
    4. Negative Self Talk– We are all our own worst critics. Often times, we make a huge deal out of a miniature setback and all of a sudden decide we are a massive failure. Deciding that you are the worst phone rep ever isn’t the best way to grow and improve. Rather, focus on the positives.
    5. Dwelling on the Past– This one is huge for us. We have ALL had a phone call that blew up in our faces. We have all been hung up on, yelled at, or just straight up bombed by our own fault. Focusing on the past failures is a great way to repeat them.

  1. Resistance to Change– Change is a part of our world and unless you are working for a company that does not want to grow, change will be a part of your company too. Rather than hating change, embrace it! It’s something new for the customer to hear and will get them excited about it.
  2. Seeking Approval-While we all benefit from positive reinforcement, you should not be selling on the phone to gain the approval of anybody except yourself.

Next time you are in a sales rut or are having a bad day, keep these habits in mind and try to avoid doing them. Remember, repetition of an activity leads to a habit, and as Gandhi said, a habit becomes a destiny. Make your destiny a positive one, not a negative one.


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Author: Jason Karaman

Hello! I’m a marketing, sales, and customer service author, blogger and doer. I live in the South Carolina Lowcountry with my wife. I enjoy reading, writing, hiking, kayaking, and all things beach. For media inquiries, send an email to JasonKaraman@ExpertCaller.com

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    1. I really appreciate the feedback! This is not a paid topic – I actually do phone sales for a living. Just thought I would start a site and blog about best practices and motivation. It’s a tough industry to work in…we just want to help others succeed! If you would like notifications about new posts, please consider subscribing 🙂

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