8 Quotes to Help you out of a Sales Slump


So you have had a bad month or two. It may feel as if your entire career is failing apart. You might even question whether or not sales is for you. If you are ever feeling dark and isolated after a less-than-exceptional performance, know that you are not alone. You know all those super successful reps who always seem to get lucky? Well, sometimes they get less than lucky. Sometimes, they just have a really bad stretch.

It happens to everyone, and if you don’t think so, just ask any top performer if they had ever been in a slump. Most will smile and tell you that they have been in multiple ruts which left them feeling terrible. They were able to get out of it, and so can you. Most will take it as a learning opportunity to grow and improve for next time, but regardless of how many times you learn, you’ll fall eventually too. Here, we have compiled a list of a few quotes to help you out of your slump.

Remember that failure is an event, not a person. Yesterday ended last night. – Zig Ziglar

You had a really bad day. Everyone said no to you, you were screamed at, hung up on, and even scolded by your boss. If you let that weight carry with you to tomorrow, you will be adding unnecessary stress to your life. Tomorrow is a new day, a day in which the possibility of extreme success is very real.


Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman, not the attitude of the prospect. – William Clement Stone

When we are in a massive slump, it is obvious to our spouses, coworkers, and friends. Our enthusiasm and attitude suffers greatly from the stresses of it all. If a customer gets one whiff of this, it certainly spells doom for your sales process. Attitude goes a lot further than you may think, especially when pumping up a customer about a new and exciting product or service.

How you think when you lose determines how long it will be until you win. –Gilbert K. Chesterton

I personally love this one. Losing is a part of life. Even the best lose sometimes – it’s part of life. What separates the good from the great is that the good get bummed out about losing and refuse to accept any sort of responsibility. The great will accept responsibility and take a loss as a learning opportunity to get better in the future.

McDonald’s is almost 50 years old. For 47 years we had a pretty consistent track record of being able to deliver admirable sales. – Jim Cantalupo

Here is a fun one because it shows that a mega corporation that seems to be everywhere can go through slumps too. McDonald’s is by far one of the most successful fast food franchises in the world. Jim Cantalupo, who was the CEO of McDonald’s until his death in 2004, acknowledges that they had 3 years of failure where they had to learn and adjust.

Your business is never really good or bad ‘out there.’ Your business is either good or bad right between your own two ears. – Zig Ziglar

Remember in a previous article how we said that sales in basically a mental game of chess with yourself? It really is all contingent upon your own attitude and your own way of dealing with obstacles. You can get yourself out of this slump, but you have to believe it.


One of the best predictors of ultimate success in either sales or non-sales selling isn’t natural talent or even industry expertise, but how you explain your failures and rejections. – Daniel H. Pink

Again, this is another nod to how you deal with failures. Do you explain it as you are the victim of horrible leads and a horrible product with terrible bosses and an awful environment thanks to Brexit? Or are you explaining that you could have done better and will take this as a learning opportunity to improve for next time? The second one always does better,

If you don’t see yourself as a winner, then you cannot perform as a winner. – Zig Ziglar

You have to believe that you can get out of this rut. You have to truly believe that you are good at this and that you will be a winner. It’s important not to be too arrogant to learn, but it’s important to not go in to a sales call thinking that you are terrible and you won’t sell anything. That’s not what winners do. Winners believe that they can win and will do everything they can to win.

Success is the culmination of failures, mistakes, false starts, confusion, and the determination to keep going anyway. – Nick Gleason

Every successful person in the world, whether it is Steve Jobs, Zig Ziglar, Drew Brees, George Bush, or the top sales rep in your company, has gone through the above statement. It’s part of life, and it’s what separates the good from the great. To be successful is not to win every single time, but it’s to keep on going and going and going while learning and improving. That is success, and if you keep going, you will get there too.


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Author: Jason Karaman

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