Glengarry Glen Ross “Always Be Closing” Speech


It’s lewd, it’s incredibly offensive and horribly profane, but Alec Baldwin really slays this scene in the 1992 real estate salesman film “Glengarry Glen Ross”. While this isn’t the most inspirational/motivational speech ever to hit the silver screen, there is something to be gained from watching this.  Of course, it’s NSFW with adult language, so please bear that in mind before hitting play.

Whew! Firstly, Alec’s acting ability is marvelous and he honestly steals the entire movie with this one scene. Regardless of how you actually feel about his message or his language, look at his passion. Look at his confidence in his own abilities. If we open ourselves up to what he is saying, we can learn a few things.

Firstly, when told that the leads were weak, he can’t even comprehend that objection, because he is so confident in his own abilities that there is literally no such thing as a weak lead. He said that he can go out there with the same tools as they have and make $15k in one night. Perhaps this is part of the reason why he is so successful. It’s good to remember that there is no such thing as a weak lead, but rather, every lead is a golden opportunity for a sale.

Secondly, his famous “always be closing” line can definitely be applied to what we do as well. Although your sales process might be different in the way that is is structured, ultimately, the goal can be said to close a sale. The line “always be closing” should be in your head before making a call.

Thirdly, I personally don’t agree with his contest for the 3rd place salesman to get fired, but in all honesty, one of our biggest fears as phone reps is not getting 1st or 2nd place. Getting last place for the month might as well be as bad as getting fired. While he takes it to the extreme, it’s worth remembering when starting next month out. Don’t get last.

If anything else, it’s nice to watch this video, then look at your own boss and think “well, I guess I could always have it worse!”


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