How the Philadelphia Eagles were Able to Close a Super Bowl Victory over New England


Super Bowl LII was certainly one for the books.

During the regular season, The New England Patriots once again proved their dynasty relevancy by earning a spot in yet another Super Bowl. Previously, they had won 5 Super Bowls (2017, 2015, 2005, 2004, 2002), making them one of the most successful teams in recent professional football history. During the season, they proved to be extremely successful and constantly smashed down their opponents with relative ease using their precision offense and powerful defense.

On the other side, the Philadelphia Eagles had not won a recent a Super Bowl. In fact, they had not won a Super Bowl ever. They made two appearances in years past but lost both games. While the Eagles certainly had success in the regular season as well, the Patriots ultimately were favored to win the game, and everyone who was watching it seemed to think that the Eagles would be overwhelmed by the offensive might of legendary quarterback Tom Brady.

But, that’s not what happened. The Eagles came out swinging and were able to take the lead during the first quarter – a lead in which they held for most of the game. Ultimately, it all came down to the last few minutes of the game, where the Eagles marched down the field and scored a touchdown, forced a fumble on Tom Brady, capitalized with a field goal, and stopped the Patriot’s final offensive attempt. The result – The Eagles won the Super Bowl for the first time in franchise history while the Patriots went home with nothing. Here are several ways in which the Eagles were able to close a victory over the Patriots and how you can apply the same principles to closing more prospects.

Don’t be Intimidated 

The Eagles were the clear underdog in the game. Historically speaking, the franchise had not enjoyed the level of success that the Patriots have enjoyed. Just two years ago, they had a losing record. Their quarterback, Nick Foles, was cut from the Kansas City Chiefs a few years back for not being able to lead the team to victories. Offensively and defensively, they ranked lower than the Patriots in most categories. On paper, it seemed silly to envision the Eagles would actually win the game. Despite all this, the Eagles came out looking like they knew they would win. Whereas other teams may have been intimidated, the Eagles were not. Their confidence in themselves proved to be one of the deciding factors in the game.

In sales, you might be faced with a difficult customer or prospect that might seem impossible to close. It’s easy to be intimidated by a prospect who, for example, just purchased from the competition recently. Being intimidated will not help you close deals. Confidence is extremely important in sales, marketing, customer service, and business. Just like the Eagles, don’t be intimidated by seemingly difficult situations.

Master the Fundamentals

Someone once told me that all you have to do to win a football game is to simply do the fundamentals better than the other team. Sure, trick plays and fancy footwork will certainly help, but the best teams are the ones who are able to block, tackle, and run better than the other team. In reality, that’s all that’s needed to win a game of football. Tom Brady was sacked and fumbled at a critical point in the game because the blocking was simply not there. On the other side, the Eagles line of scrimmage did not allow for a single quarterback sack the entire game. It’s nothing fancy – it’s mastering the basics.

Mastering the fundamentals is key to success in sales as well, especially when you are in a slump or a rut. Being friendly, building rapport, discovering a need, being persuasive, and handling objections are all fundamental techniques that are needed to have success in business. Sure, you can have some fancy closing techniques, but at the end of the day, being able to do the basics perfectly will help you close more deals than fancy footwork will.

Rely on your Team

The Eagles played as a unified team during the Super Bowl. Led by Nick Foles, every member of the team played off of each other and played to each other’s strengths. There was no animosity between teammates and everyone was working towards the same goal. Yes, every single person played the best that they could, but they understood that they would either win or lose as a team.

This is often overlooked in the world of sales. A lot of salespeople like to be “lone wolves” and sell on their terms without constraints from their bosses or their corporation. While some salespeople might see success with this, don’t forget that you have a whole team of people who want you to succeed as well and who are willing to help. Similar to the game of football, if you fail to close a deal, the entire company loses. It’s a big responsibility, but it’s not entirely on your shoulders. Your sales managers, mentors, and coworkers are all there to help you be the best you can be.

Believe that you can Win and Give it your All

There were many instances in the game where the Eagles made play calls that seemed to be irresponsible. During the second quarter, the Eagles were faced with a fourth down on their own 45-yard line. Typically, this is where the team would punt the ball away. However, the Eagles decided to go for the first down – a feat in which they were successful. Later on in the game, the Eagles were facing a third down near the end zone. In most instances, the ball is given to the running back or the fullback, but the Eagles decided to call a trick play in which their relatively inexperienced quarterback would run around and act as a wide receiver. The ball was given to the running back, who threw it for a touchdown pass to the QB.

These ‘gutsy’ calls were successful because the Eagles had a fundamental belief that they would be successful here. During these crucial plays (and during the whole game), they gave 100% effort until the job was done. Working in sales, you have to not only believe that you can close the sale but truly believe in your product/service if you want to be successful.

Winning a football game, especially the Super Bowl, is not an easy task. It’s a task that takes months (arguably, even years) of practice, effort, sacrifice, and hard work. You might even say that having success in sales is somewhat similar. While sales might not be as glamorous as winning a Super Bowl, it’s easy to draw parallels between the two, especially in this scenario.



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