How to Turn a Sentence in to a Power Statement


Sales is not about spitting out facts at a customer. If customers bought solely from facts, then a basic computer could do the job of a salesperson. If it was all about facts, there would be no such thing as top performers because it would be an easy and mindless trade.

On the flip side, sales is also not about ignoring the facts and just saying random enticing words. If those words and power statements are not tied to some form of reality, they are groundless and are meaningless to a customer.

A successful salesperson must do both of the above. They must be able to state facts, but sprinkle some razzmatazz in the mixture to capture the attention of customers. That’s why phrasing is so important. It’s an absolutely crucial tool that all salespeople must have.

A generic factual sales statement – it’s something that we have probably all seen or heard before. An example is “This car is safe, you should buy it”. At it’s core, it’s nothing more than a fact and a request. There is absolutely no power behind that. If a salesperson told me that, I would probably laugh in his/her face and assume they were joking.

“A child’s life was saved thanks to the safety of this car”. If you look, it’s the same message. It’s literally saying the same exact thing, but phrased differently. Just by rephrasing the statement and adding some razzmatazz to it, the entire message is changed in to something powerful that tugs at your heart strings.


So, how do you turn a basic, factual sentence in to a power statement?

Make it Relatable

One of the best ways to turn a factual statement in to a powerful statement is to make it such that the customer can relate to it. In the above car example, “It’s safe” is just a sentence. People might think “Oh, that’s nice”, but the thought process usually stops there.

On the flip side, using the “a child’s life was saved” is powerful because people, especially parents, can relate to it. Every parent is concerned about the safety of their child. This sentence is powerful, not because it’s a fact, but because people are instantly thinking about the safety of their own child. It can be related to easily.


Use Voice Inflection at Key Parts

A child’s life was saved thanks to the safety of this car.

Notice the inflection point. Inflection is important because it allows you to put emphasis on a key word that really communicates the feeling of the sentence. In the first one, he can’t see the beautiful day. It’s a plea for help without even asking for help directly. In the second one, the child is safe because of this car. It’s a suggestion to buy the car for it’s safety features, without even asking for the sale. Those who master inflection will make their point to the customer extremely effectively.

Use The 3 E’s – Energy, Excitement, and Enthusiasm 

It’s not easily communicated in the blog post to the message being in written format, but one of the most essential steps in making a factual statement in to a power statement is to take advantage of the 3 E’s. We typed up an article on the 3 E’s, so if you haven’t read it yet, read it here.

Unless you are genuinely and obviously excited and enthused about your product, you won’t sell it. Try selling someone in a monotone format – it usually doesn’t work and feels odd.

Believe in Your Message

There’s an amazing difference between just saying a sentence, and saying one when you legitimately believe what your message is. Have you ever felt so passionate about a subject that you have fiercely debated it to the bone? You’ll remember that you put so much effort in to each sentence and phrase, just to prove your point. Imagine the possibilities if you legitimately believe that your product or your service is the best in the world.

Before we end the article, watch this video. It does an extraordinary job at capturing the raw power of rephrasing a fact into a compelling and radically different message.

“I’m blind, please help”.

“It’s a beautiful day, and I can’t see it”

Same meaning, but an entirely different message.

Stone cold facts do not win customers over. Power statements do. If you want to maximize your sales, start to turn factual statements in to power statements. You’ll be amazed at what happens.



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