How to Use the ANUM Method to Qualify Leads and Identify Sales Opportunities


During the sales process, one of the more important things that you have to do is correctly identify if a lead is truly a good fit for your product/service. Part of identifying if a lead is a good fit is to ensure that they are ready and able to make a purchase using pointed and carefully crafted questions. Ken Krogue, the founder of, defined the ANUM method of questioning for leads and prospects. ANUM is a short acronym that stands for Authority, Need, Urgency, and Money.  We will use questions that revolve around those four ideas to qualify our leads and prospects.


Authority questions are designed to ensure that we are speaking with the decision maker. Nothing is worse than giving a fantastic pitch to someone only to realize that they have no authority to sign off on a purchase. Aking these questions will guarantee you that you are speaking to the right person/right people.

  • “I’ll be discussing our products/services and how they can meet your business needs. Who is primarily responsible for the final decision?”
  • “Other than you, is there anyone else involved in the decision-making process that we should include in our discussions?”


Asking questions that focus on the actual needs of the lead are incredibly important in identifying if they are a good fit or not. If there is no apparent need for what we are selling, why would anybody buy it? Asking questions that identify a need will help assure you that this lead is a great fit for your product/service.

  • “What issues are you currently experiencing with your present situation?”
  • “Tell me about your goals and what you want us to accomplish for you.”

For a full list of 25 engaging and strategic questions that are designed to discover a need, click here and read the full article.


Urgency questions are designed to figure out how important this actually is for the prospect. If you’ve done a good job discovering a real need, they should feel as if this is an urgent matter. Part of selling is to create our own level of urgency at the close, but it’s also worth asking urgency questions to gauge whether the lead is serious or not.

  • “What is your timeframe for getting this done?”
  • “How important is this to your day-to-day operations?”


Money is something that nobody really likes to talk about, but it’s absolutely crucial to bring it up when identifying if the prospect is a good fir it not. At the end of the day, whatever you are selling is not free. Making sure the lead is financially capable of a purchase ahead of time will help you avoid the objection down the road of “I cannot afford that.”

  • “What is your budget for something like this?”
  • “What do you expect your return on investment to look like?”

I’d like to make something clear here – as we stated in a previous article involving sales call preparation, it’s important not to pre-judge leads based on opinions. These are not opinionated questions, they require a factual answer that determines if they are a good fit for the product/service. Using the ANUM method will help your customers avoid buyer’s remorse and will help you when it comes to sales rescissions.



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