How to use the Snowball Effect to Hit your Goals


Thanksgiving is over, which means that it’s officially time for holiday music, tree lighting ceremonies, spiked eggnog drinks, and ugly Christmas sweater parties. If you ask me personally, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

It’s also the season for snow and blizzards. Because of that, our first post of December will be discussing the Snowball Effect, and how to use it to increase your sales volume. This comes at a great time too, considering it’s the “year-end” for many businesses, and salespeople everywhere are striving harder than ever before to hit their year-end goals.

First of all, what exactly is the Snowball Effect?

Picture a small snowball in the palm of your hands. You are standing on top of a large, snowy mountain. Standing over the edge, you decide to roll the tiny snowball down the mountain. After a little bit, the tiny snowball becomes bigger and bigger as it accumulates all the snow that it rolls over. It’s getting faster and larger. After a while, the tiny snowball gains so much mass and momentum that it becomes an unstoppable force. Your tiny snowball has become a great avalanche.


It’s a clever analogy to describe how one small effort or victory can build momentum while gaining importance. After a while, your small effort or victory will lead to amazing things.

In the world of sales and business, this analogy fits amazingly well. You need momentum to accomplish your sales goals. This time of year, it’s easy to slow down and cruise until the new year, wishing for a huge sale. However, success and momentum doesn’t just happen. It builds.

To become the avalanche (an unstoppable sales leader), first you must become a snowball.

A snowball is a tiny victory in itself. It’s the effort of packing snow together in to a ball. Had this little effort not been done, the snow would still be sitting peacefully on the mountain top. In business & sales, you have to start with a tiny victory/accomplishment. Maybe it’s successfully helping out a distraught customer, or perhaps it’s calling back that one pesky customer who asks questions non-stop but never buys. Regardless, these tiny accomplishments can your snowball – the start of a great avalanche.

How To Generate Momentum, written by author Michael Hewitt, provides a fantastic series of formulas that showcase this principle beautifully.

  • (Small accomplishment) X (small accomplishment) = a little bit of momentum
  • (A little bit of momentum) X (small accomplishment) = more momentum = larger accomplishment
  • (More momentum) X (larger accomplishment) = even more momentum = LARGER accomplishment


Huge wins, especially in business, rarely come without a series of little accomplishments that seem insignificant at the time. The simple idea of accomplishing something will psychologically give you a little boost – hence the momentum.

How can you really take advantage of this principle to exceed your goals though?

Set yourself a series of small, ridiculous goals that you want to hit in a day. Whether it’s make a live contact with a particular customer, respond to all of your email inquiries, or commit yourself to smiling more often. Either way, the goals should be easily obtainable enough where you can accomplish them with relative ease, building your confidence and increasing your momentum.

After a while, you’ll start to see increased contacts with customers…more friendly customers who know that you care. Maybe your new goal is getting someone to come in and attend a sales presentation with you. Or perhaps it’s getting a customer to open up to you about their real needs. Again, larger, but still attainable goals.

By now, your momentum should really be cranking. You’ll start to notice more and more sales. After a while, that impossible goal is right within reach! See, by focusing on small goals while gaining momentum, you will block out that negative thought of “Wow, I cannot hit that huge goal this month…”

Don’t discount the little wins. You’ll be surprised at what they can do once added up.




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