Nervous for your First Sales Call? Here are 5 Strategies for Success


It’s Monday morning at your new company. You have already gone through the hiring process and have received the proper training about your company and the product that you will be representing. Your head is full of product facts and you have an internal sense of purpose as you sit down at your new desk, preparing for your first sales call over the phone.

You look at your phone and suddenly realize that if you don’t succeed at selling this product, you will not be able to support yourself. You realize that you’re entire well-being is being put to stake working at this new job.

Then you panic.

What if you mess up? What if you do not get a single sale today? That phone begins to get awfully heavy.

It’s completely natural to be nervous for your first sales call. Change in itself is a disorienting element to life, but when you throw in your professional and financial well-being in to the mix, you will start to get stressed and scared. It happens to everybody, and that’s OK.

Needless to say, at some point, you are going to have to overcome your fears and pick up that phone.

Here are 5 tips for success during your first sales call.

Have a Notebook and a Pen/Pencil Handy

If you are just starting out, there is a pretty good chance that you are probably still overwhelmed with product knowledge. If you have to custom tailor your pitch to a certain customer segment, this can get downright confusing. It you have a notebook and a writing utensil handy, it will make your life a lot easier.

Taking notes during a call can help you with recalling information and can help you connect the dots during a sales pitch. Also, it might help you relax yourself during a call too, so you sound less nervous. When I take notes, it helps me relax and focus.

Use a Relaxation Technique Before the Call

If you are stressed and wound-up during the call, you will probably rush through it and you might even forget some crucial information. It’s important to be nice and calm before a call. Consider using relaxation techniques to help yourself chill out. Some people have tried meditation and slow breathing before a call, while others have done the progressive muscle tightening technique. Regardless of what you choose to do, this will help you calm down and relax before a call, which will translate to a more relaxed, natural sounding pitch.

Get in the “Winner” Mindset

Whether you believe it or not, you were hired for this job because your managers and leaders are confident that you have the skills, ability, and personality to sell this product effectively. When they interviewed you, they saw a winner. You have to get in to the “winner” mindset before a call.

This means that you have to stop doubting yourself. If you start a call with the thought that you will mess it up and fail, then you probably will! But if you start the call with the thought that you are awesome and will close this sale, you will do a much better job. Try using tricks like listening to pump up music or watching an inspirational video.

Listen to what Top Performers are Saying

If you work as a phone sales rep, you are probably in a huge room with dozens of cubicles. It’s all very transparent – you can hear what everybody else is saying. Before you make the call, listen in to some of the best salespeople. Take notes as to what they are saying and how they are saying it. You might discover some great sales tip that will help you tremendously.

Shadowing others can be extremely beneficial for you, but always ask first before listening in on someone. Usually, they will be happy to have you listen in, and will even offer some advice and words of wisdom.

Realize that it’s OK to Mess Up

Nobody has a perfect sales pitch all the time. Every once in a while, the best salesperson in the room – someone who usually has stellar presentations – has royally messed up a pitch. It happens, and it’s OK. Realize that for your first sales call, messing up is OK, but also realize that you have to learn from your mistakes. It’s not OK to mess up and just say “oh well!” You have to learn from your errors and grow from your setbacks.

Getting nervous before your first sales call is a common feeling that every single new representative has felt. You are not alone. Consider the top 5 strategies for success and you will find that your first sales call will be less stressful and more relaxed than you might think.

Jeff Olson — ‘Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. ‘

Now, pick up the phone and start dialing!



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