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Latest Articles

5 Tips on Following Up with Sales Leads Without Being Annoying


It’s very rare that a salesperson closes a prospect on the very first contact. Unless you are working in a retail environment (even in that environment, it can be tricky), closing customers is usually a long process that can sometimes take weeks

Which is Better - Google or Bing Ads?


Marketing in the information age is a complicated and expensive endeavor. Not only do companies have to market in traditional ways, but they also have to market in the digital sphere as well. As more and more people move their activities exclusively

Sell the Problem, Not the Product


Working in sales and marketing, you can say that it’s our job to push the product/service to our potential customers with hopes of them making a purchase. If you take the job description literally, this means that you should be selling the features,

What are "Confirming Questions" in Sales?


Confirming questions (also known as confirmation questions) are a series of questions designed to test the prospect/customer on their understanding of what you said. The sales process can sometimes be a long and complicated process for all parties involved.

5 Digital Marketing Strategies That Really Work


Marketing is everywhere. Whether you like it or not, you’re constantly being exposed to advertisements and marketing messages. Offline, you are exposed to all sorts of various marketing methods, such as print advertisements, TV commercials, billboards,