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Latest Articles

Glengarry Glen Ross "Always Be Closing" Speech


It’s lewd, it’s incredibly offensive and horribly profane, but Alec Baldwin really slays this scene in the 1992 real estate salesman film “Glengarry Glen Ross”. While this isn’t the most inspirational/motivational speech

5 Reasons to Leave a Voicemail


One thing I will never understand is when telephone reps call someone, get the answering machine, and instantly hangs up. Back when I was a kid, that was always our way of instantly knowing that this was a sales call and we were not going to pick up

10 Songs to Motivate your Phone Sales Team


Whether you are an employer who is looking to motivate your sales team, or a sales rep who likes pump-up music before starting a day, we compiled a list of what we consider to be some awesome songs to get the mind working early in the morning and get

5 Quotes to Help you Exceed your Sales Quota


If you are reading this post, then you probably have minimum monthly standards that you have to hit. In the world of phone sales, this is an extremely common practice that often results in anxiety and fearfulness of having a bad month. If you often find

Using a Headset vs a Standard Phone


Whenever you see stock photos of call centers, usually you see a line of smiling people all wearing headsets. Even though this seems to be the standard image of a call room environment, I have noticed that a lot of people that I work with and have worked