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Latest Articles

The Power of the Word "You"


Humans are interestingly selfish creatures. Whether you think that you are the most righteous, giving, and caring person that has ever existed, chances are that deep down, you really care about yourself. There is nothing wrong with that at all –

7 Habits that Will Hurt your Success on the Phone


Often times, you will hear a barrage of motivational quotes and watch a host of uplifting videos that are meant to get you through the day. Most of these will offer helpful tips to improve your mood or attitude. Very rarely do they discuss the root causes

10 Benefits of Using Hand Gestures While on the Phone


Hand gestures are often an overlooked and underestimated part of your body language that can have potentially massive impacts on your sales pitch. Hand gestures are a way to non-verbally emphasize your point. All the great speakers in the world have

The Power of "Yes" Questions


One mistake that I see many new phone representatives make is the lack of asking “yes” questions. This is subtle and almost unrecognizable, but it’s a great way to play the psychological game with potential customers and to win them

Wolf of Wall Street Inspirational Speech


Are you in a rut? Having trouble finding the motivation and confidence to pick up the phone today? Yep – we have all been there. I often find myself there early on Saturday mornings when all my friends are at the beach and I’m inside my cubicle.