Six Tips For Giving a Meaningful Presentation


Whether you work in sales, marketing, customer service, it’s important to give a presentation that is designed to influence behavior. You want your presentation to be so impactful that when it’s all over, your audience should feel exactly what you want them to feel. You want the audience to be wanting more. Think about past instances where speakers have elicited massive applause or moments of tears from their audience. What makes them different than everyone else? Hint: it’s not the content.

Passion. The more passionate a speaker is, the more the presentation resonates with their audience. It might seem hard to communicate your passion effectively, but using the following tips will help you deliver a presentation that will amaze and captivate your audiences.


‘Winging it’ is a great way to have a presentation that is scattered and all over the place. While you might think you’re doing a great job, presentations that are not prepared ahead of time have a good chance of falling apart. The foundation of any good presentation is the preparation that goes into each sales pitch or marketing speech behind the scenes. This puts the presenter in the driver’s seat at all times. Develop a topic, then develop a narrative around the topic that includes a story and easy to understand takeaways. Practice, practice, practice until it’s perfect.

Open with a strong message

When writing a book, people say that you have the first couple pages out of the entire book to captivate your reader before they put the book down and forget about it. The same rule applies to speaking. You have the first minute or two to grab the attention of everybody with a strong message. Use the 3 E’s here and deliver a message that is unforgettable.

Keep your presentation short

We have all sat through presentations where the speaker went on and on. The human attention span is not that long. Most people will start to tune out of your message pretty quickly (some say within 20 to 30 minutes). Make sure you keep your presentation simple and concise. Not to mention, long-winded presentations tend to have a lot of meaningless fluff in them that isn’t relevant or has points that are repeated over and over again. Avoid this.

Use visual aids

People learn in a variety of ways. Me personally, I need to see things to learn them. If possible, use visual aids to help illustrate your point. Videos and colorful charts & graphs are some great examples. PowerPoint is a common one, but be careful as to avoid overusing it. PowerPoint can be boring and distracting if not used properly, so make sure your slides are 100% necessary before using them.

Be animated

Being a statue is not conducive to grabbing people’s attention. Smile, walk around, and use hand gestures! This will make you appear more relaxed and will keep your audience focused on you. Even if you’re in a one-on-one setting, you can still do this while making eye contact for maximum effectiveness.

Don’t be apologetic if you mess up

Messing up a word, forgetting your place, or having technological issues are all very common. It’s happened to everyone at some point. Apologizing for this will only help you lose command of the room and will ruin the flow of your presentation. If you trip up, just move along as if nothing wrong happened. Your audience probably doesn’t know any better anyway.

These tips can be used together to deliver an excellent presentation that is designed to influence the behavior of your audience and leave an impression on them that lasts a long time.



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