The 10 Things That Will Make You Successful That Require No Skill


We spend a lot of time talking about different selling strategies and business skills to help increase individual performance. Much of this website is devoted to that. However, something that we often forget about is the traits and the actions that don’t require any special skills or talents.

No matter how untrained or new someone is, the person who does these things can easily find success in sales, marketing, and business. Conversely, the seasoned expert who doesn’t do these things can easily fail.
Being on Time
Simply being on time is a secret to success that people often forget about. When you are on time, you consequently won’t feel rushed and will have more time to prepare yourself for a great day. Being on time for work starts with your morning routine, but it goes beyond that. Be on time for work, for meetings, and for sales calls. I good rule of thumb – if you’re 15 minutes early, you’re on time.
Work Ethic
Nothing really beats a good work ethic. Sales can be a numbers game, meaning that the more people you talk to, the more you’ll sell. In business, time is money. Make sure you are utilizing all of your time efficiently and working hard throughout your entire day.
Very similar to work ethic, putting in 100% effort is crucial to success. It’s easy to think “Well, I already hit my goal today, so I can sit back and relax during this sales call.” I’ll tell you right now, top performers do not think like that. They put in their maximum effort at all times, no matter how far ahead/behind they are.
Being energetic is one of the 3 E’s that we talk about constantly here. A salesperson who is energetic is more likely to have clients who are more receptive to their message. Think about the last salesperson you spoke with who displayed no energy – I’d bet that you were not that excited about the product/service. As a salesperson, you want to get the prospect excited about buying. Having energy is one of the best ways to accomplish that!
Body Langauge
Most of our communication is done via non-verbal methods. Having proper body language is an easy way to communicate confidence and reliability in yourself and in your product/service. The best way to accomplish this? Stand/sit up straight, look people in the eye, and don’t cross your arms.
You have to be passionate about what you do. Otherwise, you will inevitably get burnt out. Not to mention, those without passion are less motivated to put in the effort needed to be successful. The truth here? If you’re not passionate about what you do or what you sell, it might be time to consider something else.
Doing Extra
Let’s be honest, extra work is not fun. However, customers and prospects love when salespeople go above and beyond. In this day and age, customer service and sales are practically synonyms. To close a sale is easy – maintaining an account is where going above and beyond creates long-term customers. In business, maximizing your long-term business is where the real success comes in.
Being Prepared
Being prepared goes hand-in-hand with simply being organized. Someone who is prepared for their day is less likely to be stressed and overwhelmed. A salesperson who is relaxed and organized is someone who can handle anything that comes their way.
Being Coachable
Everybody can improve. Even those who are elite top performers can get better. Tom Brady (like him or not) is widely considered to be one of the best quarterbacks in history. Despite that, even Tom has an offensive coordinator, a head coach, and about a dozen other people helping him out. The minute that you decide that you don’t need any more improvement is the minute that you will start to fall behind.
Attitude is everything. Someone with a great attitude will always beat someone with a negative one. This holds true for nearly every profession and in every walk of life. Good attitudes will help you be thankful for your ups and will help you persevere through your downs. Not to mention, attitudes are contagious. Wouldn’t you want others around you (your coworkers and customers) to have good attitudes too?
As you can see, these things don’t require any specials skills or training. All they require is hard work and overall enthusiasm.  This is one of the reasons why rookies come in and find success right away. Simply doing these things will increase your chance of being successful, no matter how seasoned or how new you are to the world of business.



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Author: Jason Karaman

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