The 3 P’s of Selling


Sales can be loosely defined as ‘convincing a 3rd party to purchase a good or service’. Although there are probably better definitions, they all mean essentially the same thing: to convince someone to buy something from you. The use of the 3 P’s of Selling is an excellent way to help ensure that ‘convincing a 3rd party to purchase a good or service’ will certainly happen. This can be used as a great tool to help you maximize your sales and increase your closing percentage. The 3 P’s of Selling break down to Purpose, Power, and Preparation.



In sales, everything you do has to be with a purpose. It’s extremely rare to accidentally stumble into a closed sale. Although it does happen once in a while, most closed sales are due to the fact that master salespeople have an agenda in everything that they do. Every word that they speak and every hand gesture has a purpose. I once knew a sales executive who made it a point to use the word “you” over 100 times in a pitch. He would also get on one knee at a crucial moment in the sales pitch to get “eye level” with the client. As subtle as it may seem, make sure everything you do, even your non-verbal component, has a purpose.


Selling is hard enough as it is. One way to make it significantly more difficult is to come from a position of weakness. If you are weak in your pitch and iffy on your close, you will come off as unconfident and unsure about yourself. Coming from a position of weakness will never help you. Avoid using words like “might” and “kinda” and especially “I think…” If you come from a position of power, you’ll come off as more confident, which means that the prospect will trust you more. Look prospects in the eye and use words like “definitely” and “absolutely”.


As with anything else, you should always be prepared for every single sales call. This can mean a couple of different things. For example, you should thoroughly research your leads and prepare for the call appropriately. This can also mean to prepare yourself by getting in the right mental state before a call with motivational music or even having a productive morning routine. During my first sales role, one of the top performing executives would listen to heavy metal music before a sales call, but also insisted that getting at least 8 hours of sleep is crucial in preparing your mind for a sales call. Don’t get caught off your game due to lack of readiness – always be prepared and always be ready to go.

Use the 3 P’s of Selling as another tool in your sales toolkit to help you close more sales and make more money!



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