Three Commitments Required to Succeed in Business


Top performing businesspeople all share many traits which lead them to success. Traits such as work ethic, passion, optimism, a commitment to learn and improve, and patience are all shared among the highest level of achievers. However, all of these traits are essentially meaningless if not supported by an overall goal with commitments to reach that goal. In the April 20th, 2017 Entrepreneur article The Commitments Required to Succeed, psychologist and author Sherrie Campbell explores a few ways to create a firm vision of your own and work towards making it a reality.

Stay True to Yourself

You are your own individual person with your own thoughts, ideas, and desires. Rather than looking at someone else and trying to emulate their experience or success, Sherrie writes “Stay true to your values, your convictions, your work ethic, and do it with your own unique flavor. You are not a repeatable experience, so keep pressing forward in the way that only you can.”  Nobody else can be like you, so stay true to your yourself, keep your eye on the ball, and keep on pursuing your vision at your own pace. Dr. Seuss also put it elegantly –  “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

Create Long-Term Goals

Creating goals is incredibly important. Ultimately, goal-setting is the first step to achieving your goals. How can you possibly win if you don’t know where the finish line is or what it looks like? If you have a clear goal and vision paired with the commitment to achieve it, you will be unstoppable. Setting long-term goals also helps with short-term goal setting as well. Sherrie writes that “Striving to meet your longer-term goals gives you the insight into what smaller goals need to be achieved to create the path to those bigger picture goals… Your longer-term goals drive hope and put you into action. The closer you get to them, the happier your life becomes.”

Turn Terrors to Triumphs

Working in business is difficult. It can be downright terrifying when sales are down or times are tough. Having a commitment to see an opportunity to accept the challenge and triumph over it separates the top performers from those who cave under the pressure. Being mentally tough is incredibly important to succeed. Not to mention, change is scary as well. In the business landscape, change happens frequently. As Sherrie puts it, “Commit to the mindset that things change so they can get better. When in times of uncertainty, you must be unbending, focused and diligent in advancing your career, changing your directions, and getting where you want to go with renewed hope and inspiration. Uncertain times are not the times to slow down and be defeated.”

Successful people make these commitments and stick to them. If you are reading this, work to implement these commitments in your professional and personal lives.



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