What is the “Wow” Factor in Business?


If you work in customer service or are responsible for customer experience in any way, you have a great responsibility on your hands. Often times, companies tend to give all the glory to the sales force and the sales reps who can close the most business. While this is certainly a very important part of the business landscape, long-term sustained success (especially in the 21st century) comes from delivering amazing customer service and a great overall experience.

Customers in today’s business world have a plethora of choices that they have for any particular product/service. We can talk all day about competitive advantage and why your product/service is superior to the rest, but the reality is that the modern customer is driven by not just a great product, but the customer service that comes along with it. Once the customer service starts to suffer, customers can easily walk away to the competition without any hesitation.

For this reason, the “Wow” factor must be understood and utilized on a daily basis.

The “Wow” factor

In the literal sense, the “Wow” factor is when a company provides such good customer service or an exceptional level of customer experience, the customer literally says “Wow!”

Think about the last time you had this level of service. For me, it was staying at an upscale hotel in downtown Savannah, GA. My wife and I wanted to get away for a quick weekend, so we booked a room at a hotel on River Street, located right on the Savannah River. When we walked in the hotel lobby, the decor and the atmosphere was incredible, prompting an immediate “wow” from me. Upon checking in, the clerk at the front desk was extremely friendly, conversational, and welcoming. This prompted another “wow” from me. Finally, the hotel room itself was clean, neat, and spacious…prompting yet another “wow.”

Think I’ll be back to that hotel in the future? You bet.

That’s why the “Wow” factor is so important. There are dozens of hotel options around downtown Savannah that are less expensive, but next time I return, I’ll be going back to that particular hotel.

Providing the “Wow” factor

If you’re an employee who works in the customer service, sales, marketing, or really any role that interacts with the customer, you can easily provide the “Wow” factor by simply following the golden rule – treat others as if you would want to be treated. If a customer has an issue, don’t just pass it off to another department and forget about it. Do what you can do fix it right there. If you have to pass the issue along, follow up with the customer! It’s about going above and beyond. Remember, service is more than just being nice to the customer.

Keep the “Wow” factor in your mind at all times when interacting with customers. Dazzling a customer means that customers will be more loyal to you, especially if you are dependent on commissioned sales. Remember, the idea is for us to have long-term sustained success, not fizzle out and go bankrupt after a year. Providing exceptional customer service is the key that unlocks customer loyalty and referral business.



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