Wolf of Wall Street Inspirational Speech


Are you in a rut? Having trouble finding the motivation and confidence to pick up the phone today? Yep – we have all been there.  I often find myself there early on Saturday mornings when all my friends are at the beach and I’m inside my cubicle. Luckily, we have the overly-dramatic and insanely motivational Wolf of Wall Street to refer to.

If you have somehow missed this movie and never seen it, you really need to take a few hours and watch it. Every phones representative in the world should watch this movie and take notes. Disregarding the heavy drug and alcohol abuse, Leonardo DiCaprio (who depicts Wall Street penny stock tycoon Jordan Belfort) demonstrated perfectly the power of phone selling.

This video, which takes place at a crucial moment in the movie, will surely inspire you to pick up the phone and start dialing.

I should note that this is considered NSFW, despite the fact that this will definitely help you at work. Without further ado, enjoy.


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Author: Jason Karaman

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