Your Road Map to Success in Sales

Your Road Map to Success in Sales: A Step-by-Step Guide to Closing Your Next Sales Call

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“To my knowledge, and I have read countless books on sales, this is the very first book of its kind…It is important that you read this book. Even if you have made a thousand sales calls, I promise your next call will be massively improved after reading this book.”  -Anthony Iannarino, author of The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need and The Lost Art of Closing: Winning the 10 Commitments That Drive Sales


Jason has created exactly that:  a road map, with designated stops along the way,  for an easy to follow protocol for getting a salesperson to their final destination – a closed sale.  His explanations, through example and stories, illustrate the journey every sales call should take and points out that a potential problem is leaving out one or more of the stops along the way. From the simple beginning of being prepared by investigating the client to ascertain needs and wants to a proper introduction followed by creating and building a relationship starts the process.  Jason then continues with specific steps constructing a strategy to arrive at the end, hopefully, the ultimate conclusion, a sealed deal.  Jason talks about the power of language and words, along with really listening and understanding and respecting the client, as an essential part of the practice.  For any business person, reading Your Road Map to Success in Sales, will be beneficial and add punch to any pursuit.  -Richard Shapiro, Founder & President of The Center For Client Retention; author of The Endangered Customer: Eight Steps to Guarantee Repeat Business  


Working in sales can be tough. It takes a lot of persuasion and skill to turn somebody from an uneasy prospect to a satisfied customer. For many salespeople, mastering the sales call will be the singular activity that will lead to a successful and prosperous career.

When you have a road map, you know exactly how to get to your final destination. In this book, the final destination is closing a sale, with each ‘stop’ being a different step in the sales process. Within these pages, you will learn how to master:

  • Preparing for a sales call using a proven procedure
  • Introducing yourself to the prospect
  • Building rapport
  • Discovering a real need for your product/service
  • Pitching the prospect on why they need to purchase
  • Closing the prospect using psychological principles
  • Overcoming objections
  • Locking in sales once they say “Yes”

It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to the world of sales or if you are a seasoned veteran – this book will be your step-by-step guide to perfecting the sales call and will help you close more sales!