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The Guide to Sales & Marketing Funnels


Sales & Marketing Funnels One of the more clever concepts in modern sales & marketing that was created to help businesses capture leads is called the sales/marketing funnel. If used the right way, the funnel will help automate the marketing process,

Important CX Lessons from "The Starbucks Experience"


Customer experience (CX) is paramount to a satisfied and loyal customer. When customers have bad experiences, they are less likely to remain loyal and might even tell other people about their bad experience. On the other hand, if a company exhibits superior

"Your Road Map to Success in Sales" Now Available!


I am very pleased to announce that my first sales book Your Road Map to Success in Sales: A Step-by-Step Guide to Closing Your Next Sales Call is officially published and is available on Amazon! Click to view paperback version on Amazon (222 pages, ISBN

Service is More Than Just Being Nice to the Customer


Customer service is a crucial element to sales and business that is often overlooked in many sales & marketing blogs. The reality is that in the digital age, customer service is more important now than ever before. Companies who have a high level

Why you Should Never Ask if It's a Good Time to Talk


One of the biggest misconceptions that sales representatives have is that they have to ask the prospect permission to speak with them. Phone representatives will ask “Is now a good time to call you?” while face-to-face representatives might simply