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Sales vs. Management - Which is Right for You?


There usually comes a point in every sales or marketing executive’s career where they are ultimately considering giving up their role selling on the floor in favor of a position in management. Many would argue that this isn’t something that is unique

4 Reasons Why Customer Experience and Sales are Now Synonyms


Customer Experience (CX) can be quickly defined as the quality of the overall interaction that customers get when they use a product/service. Sales can be loosely defined as turning interested prospects into paying customers. On the surface, it looks

What to do When Your Prospect Tells You "No"


After someone refuses to buy from you, you might have emotions of anger, sadness, frustration, and disappointment. You might even feel a wave of humiliation crash over you, followed by panic. For salespeople, being told “no” can be the worst thing

How to Use the 4 Ps of Marketing to Close Prospects


The 4 Ps of Marketing, otherwise known as the marketing mix, describe the different components that make up a traditionally successful marketing campaign. The concept, created by Neil Borden and modernized by E. Jerome McCarthy, lay out the four ingredients

Do This Now And Set Yourself Up For Success In 2018


Now that we are officially in the 4th quarter, it’s a good time to do an evaluation of the goals that you set back in the 1st quarter. While you should always be evaluating where you are at, the 4th quarter is the perfect opportunity to reflect back