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8 Quotes on Self-Confidence that will Help you in Sales


Confidence is crucial in the world of business. Showing a lack of confidence will have terrible consequences for you in terms of closing sales. The prospect might feel uneasy or unsure about what you’re selling if you are not confident in yourself.

The 3 P's of Selling


Sales can be loosely defined as ‘convincing a 3rd party to purchase a good or service’. Although there are probably better definitions, they all mean essentially the same thing: to convince someone to buy something from you. The use of the

Reciprocity in Sales - the Mint Example


The act of giving a gift is one of those universal principles that are held dear amongst sales representatives everywhere. One of the reasons for this is that salespeople are seeking to take advantage of the norm of reciprocity. The norm of reciprocity

4 Tips on Prioritizing Sales Leads to Increase Revenue


If you are fortunate enough to receive sales leads in advance, you ultimately have a major decision to make right away. It doesn’t really matter if you are selling over the phone or in a face-to-face format – you will be required to decide

How to Deal with Negative Emotions


Having a positive attitude is an important factor in your sales & marketing professional success. You can be the best salesperson in the world, but if you don’t have a positive attitude, success is significantly more difficult to obtain. In

How to use the Bracket Close


Closing a prospect requires a certain level of finesse and strategy. As I have said before, I tend to favor closes that are easy to learn and simple to replicate. One of the best closes that you can use is called the Bracket Close. As opposed to the

A Lesson in Customer Loyalty: Johnny the Grocery Bagger


People learn sales and business tactics/strategies from a variety of sources. Oftentimes, these lessons come from books written by sales leaders, podcasts hosted by academic geniuses, and lectures given by industry titans. Less often, lessons come from

Want to Sell More? Just Believe.


Let’s get real here. You can spend as much time as you want on lessons in persuasion. You can memorize and practice every objection handling strategy that exists. You can get as motivated as you want. It doesn’t really matter what you do