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Latest Articles

The Difference Between Account Management and Customer Service


Imagine this scenario: You are working as a B2B salesperson. Bob (one of your coworkers) has accepted another opportunity at a different company. Before he leaves, he gives you the rundown of his accounts that you will be inheriting upon his departure.

How Much is Your Week Worth?


If you work in outside sales, you have the freedom to really do whatever you want during the day. In most scenarios, as long as you are generating sales and making money, you will have the autonomy to conduct your week as you see fit. For many salespeople,

6 Reasons Why You Need a Good Night's Sleep


It’s midnight. You’ve had a long day, but have the urge to stay awake for a little bit longer and watch another episode on Netflix or have another beer. You check your watch – you still have 6 hours until you have to wake up. You think

7 Emotional Triggers That Drive Sales


People buy for emotional reasons. Sure, they might justify that decision with logic, but in many cases, people will make a purchasing decision because of some emotional trigger. Using this information, salespeople can look at certain emotional triggers,

How to Use LinkedIn for B2B Sales Prospecting


LinkedIn is one of the world’s largest professional social media platforms in the world. With over 562 million members (as of 2018) and with an Alexa rank of 29, LinkedIn is one of the most popular places for people to network with like-minded